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Simple ways to have fun at home

With much of the world currently in lockdown, many of us who are not used to being full time at home parents are suddenly faced with the prospect of many weeks – maybe months – of having small people to entertain around the clock. Where parents are still working, there is A LOT to juggle. […]

The juggle is real…

When I was pregnant with my second child, my thoughts turned to what our lives would be like when I went back to work. I definitely wanted to go back to work – I enjoy my job and get a lot of fulfilment from having that area of my life. My husband and I agreed […]

5 things no-one tells you about Christmas with toddlers

As the first Christmas after having a baby rolls around, everyone starts telling you that Christmas is going to be so special from now on. It’s going to be magical, wonderful, you’re going to make so many special memories… But there are some key things that no-one tells you about Christmas with toddlers, and you […]

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